Experience TV's 'Victoria' at Blists Hill

Watch Queen Victoria’s Royal household drama on TV then experience everyday Victorian life at Blists Hill Victorian Town.

You’ve seen the fascinating life in the royal household at the start of Queen Victoria’s reign on the current ITV series, now find out what it was like for the working man and woman at Blists Hill, a recreated Victorian Town near Ironbridge, Shropshire where costumed ‘townsfolk’ go about their daily lives.

The outdoor museum will take you back in time over 100 years to experience the sights sounds, smells and tastes of everyday life in the Victorian era.

Walk through the town, chat to the Victorians as they go about their daily life and explore the magnificent Canal Street, which is lined both sides with a wonderful parade of shops. Take a look at the hats and gowns in the Drapers, have your portrait taken in the Photographers, mail letters and post-cards in the Post Office, choose your favourite from a range of Victorian treats in the Sweet Shop, enjoy a portion of traditionally prepared fish and chips in the Fried Fish Dealers and finish with a pint in the New Inn.

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